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Fiona McClue, Kilmarnock

"I got my hair diffuser right away, they thew in some nice samples and a yummy lip gloss! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Shannon, Calgary

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Hair Products

Luxury haircare products to suit your style

We've come a long way from setting our hair with a paper bag and giving it shine with a final wash of ale yet the quest still remains for perfect shiny, beautifully held hair that gives you confidence and sets you up in the morning to go out in the world. When it comes to buying hair care products there is just so much choice out there that it can be hard to know what to choose.

When choosing a shampoo or conditioner your first choice will be dependent on your hair type. Is it coloured, curled, dry, fine or greasy? Next up you need to decide what level of chemicals you are happy to have in your shampoo? Would you like 100% natural haircare such as the La Biosthetique Natural Cosmetic range or do you want to harness the goodness of nature with the milk proteins found in the MilkShake brand? Or maybe you like big statement hair and Sexy hair is more your thing?

Next you need to consider scents and the job you need the shampoo and conditioner to do. Do you want perfumed or non-perfumed? What about your reason for buying the product in the first place? Do you suffer from dandruff or any other scalp condition that means you need to buy a more specialised shampoo? Don't be fooled into thinking you have to choose shampoo and conditioner that does the same job, when you use conditioner it should be used on the ends of your hair so if you have a greasy scalp and dry ends then choose a shampoo for greasy hair and a moisturising conditioner to even it up.

At HairCareShop we stock a range of luxury hair care products from established brands that we believe in.

Shampoo Glossary

Shampoo terms explained

After you have an idea of the type of hair care product that's best suited to your hair type you may find yourself facing terms that just add confusion! We've put together the guide below to cover the common shampoo terms for your reference.

Hydrating/Moisturising Shampoo: adds moisture and shine whilst leaving your hair smooth and sleek. Moisturising shampoo is great for coarse, thick or unruly hair.
Try : American Crew Moisture Shampoo

Volumising Shampoo: perfect for fine, flyaway hair that needs a boost of volume.
Try : Big Sexy Hair Volume Shampoo

Strengthening Shampoo: if your hair has been damaged or weakened though processing, styling or heated styling then this could be the shampoo for you.
Try : Paul Mitchell Super Strong Daily Shampoo

Balancing Shampoo: these shampoos balance out the hair type by not over moisturising and leaving your hair in a balanced and good consition. Good for normal hair types.
Try : Joico Daily Balancing Shampoo

Smoothing/Straightening Shampoo: with added moisturisers and ingredients to help smoother the hair shaft, seal the cuticle and help straighten your hair ready for styling.
Try : Sexy Hair Darn Straight

Hair Styling Tools

Hair accessories and electrical styling tools

Ever wondered what we did before hair straighteners? Did we all have unruly manes of hair crying out for a bit of styling or do you hark after the days when hair styling consisted of a hairbrush and a scrunchie!?

The first hand-held hairdryer was invented in the 1920's - not that long ago in the scheme of things where as evidence of hair brushes can be found as far back as the Egyptians. Hair styling tools have come along way since then - think of now, it's standard kit in most houses to have a good quality hairbrush such as the Denman hair brushes, a set of hair straighteners and a hairdryer let alone all the styling creams, heat protection sprays and protective shampoos to go along with them.

Not only do we have the usual hair accessories we now have the option to buy and try styling accessories such as:

Hairdazzle - glittery strands to give your hair sparkle
Feather Hair Extensions - for a splash of colour
Clip in Hair Extensions - for instant, removable and reusable length
Sleep In Rollers - for curly hair that sets over night and is comfy enough to sleep in.

So, whichever hairstyle you are looking to create you can find a hair styling accessory that will help you get that look!

Perfumes and Aftershaves

Wonderfully smelling scents

Ever since Egyptian times we've been wearing scents and perfumes to leave us feeling fresh and groomed. In 1370 the first perfume (in its modern form) made of scented oils in an alcohol base was blended together in Hungary. France quickly became the centre of perfumery and in the 14th Centure it formed a massive part of the French ecomomy. In those days perfume was used to mask odours given the infrequent bathing but now we wear scents for a varierty of reasons from confidence to memories to simply wanting to appear attractive to the opposite sex.

Perfume is now an almost daily necessity and different scents are available to match your mood and fancy. Maybe you like flowery, summery scents or sultry evening ones...whichever is your Poison (get it?) you will find a scent to match.

At HairCareShop we stock a wide range of perfumes, aftershaves and perfume sets from leading designers such as:

Calvin Klein

Towards Christmas we also stock a vaiety of perfume gifts sets for women and aftershave giftsets for him to make Christmas shopping even easier!

Male Hair Care

Male grooming products for the man in your life

The male grooming product market is still on the rise as more and more men see the benefits in facial creams and hair creams to keep wrinkles at bay and hair groomed to perfection. It's no longer just a 'modern man' thing to do, oh no! Skin care routines and hair styling rituals are suitable for any man who wants to look his best.

One of our most popular brands for men is the American Crew product range with natural extracts such as Rosemary & Clove Extracts and sage leaf you get a fantastic smelling product that styles beautifully.

American Crew offer products for painless shaving via their shaving oils and precision shave products, perfect hair styling from their D:FI range of puttys and creams and skin care products for post-shave moisturising goodness as well as offering a range of anti hair loss products in the form of the American Crew Trichology shampoo, patch, concentrate and foam.

If you're looking for a skin or hair care brand to try for yourself or perhaps to treat the man in your life then we recommend American Crew.


Hair Brushes

Start with good basics and keep your hair in good condition with a hairbrush from Denman, D:fuse or Tangle Teezer.

Earthly Body Marrakesh

Earthly Body Marrakesh is a range of massage oils, shampoos, conditioners and melting massage candles for the ultimate relaxation.


Electrical hair products. Hair Straighteners, Hair Dryers, Cordless straighteners and Razors - everything you need to style your hair effortlessly

Gift Vouchers

If you are having problems choosing the perfect gift why not let them choose it themselves with a Gift Voucher form HairCareShop

Hair Accessories

HairCareShop's range of new hair accessories includes Hair Dazzle, Sleep in Rollers, Feather Hair Extensions & Clip in Hair Extensions.

Hair Care Brands

Hair care brands including Fudge, joico, Paul Mitchell, Milkshake, Sexy Hair and Schwarzkopf - professional hair products for amazing hair

Hair Diffusers

Create body and dry curly hair gently with a hair diffuser - diffusing heat evenly to give healthy curly hair.

Hair Loss Products

We have a large selection of treatments and products for both men and women to help you treat hair loss and promote healthy growth.

La Biosthetique Hair & Skin Care

La Biosthetique Hair & Skin Care products provides a luxurious and intensive hair and skin care system designed to leave you pampered.

SALE offers

Hair care sale items from HairCareShop such as half price on Sedusa Diffusers & Free 2 style cordless straightener. Reduced hair products

Spray Tan

Safe tanning products and spray tan for a tan that has a healthy glow all year round without exposing your sking to harmful rays and premature ageing!