We have a winner!

Drumroll please…we have a winner for our fantastic Paul Mitchell competition… (more…)

Win Paul Mitchell hair care products worth over £240

It’s getting to that fantastic time of year when the mornings are crisp and (hopefully) the snow is thick, fresh and snowman worthy! Along with all of this it’s the best time of year for all those Christmas office parties and get togethers with friends and family. With these Christmas parties comes the desire in most of us to dress up to the nines, create fantastic hair styles and generally add some bling into an otherwise dark season. (more…)

Valentine’s Day Competition


Dry ShampooWe have a Valentine’s Day competition running to win Zerreau! Strawberry. This is a dry shampoo so perfect for days when your hair needs a little help to look fresh. The Strawberry scent leaves it smelling gorgeous so you’ll be perfectly groomed and smelling sensational!

To Enter:

  • Vote below to tell us what hair style you’ll be rocking for Valentine’s Day then (more…)

Hair loss – hair care products

We talk a lot on this blog about hair loss and products for hair loss such as Bio Fanelan shampoo and synergie. In these blogs we always mention non-product related actions you can do to help reduce hair loss such as eating a healthy diet and being careful when brushing hair but rarely do we go into these actions in more detail or with suggested items we’d recommend. So, this month we’re going to (more…)

Hair loss and pregnancy

Often when a woman is pregnant she will notice that her hair shines, appears thicker and generally looks fantastic so it can come as quite a shock when a few months after the birth it can start to fall out faster that you can say ‘nappy change’ to leave it looking thin.

So what causes hair to thin in this way?

Hair growth can be stunted by factors such as stress, medication and shock to name (more…)