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I suffer from dandruff & an itchy scalpI suffer from dandruff & an itchy scalpTreating dandruff and an itchy scalpDandruff refers to the scaling and flaking of the scalp which will present itself as dried white to yellow flakes of skin. Dandruff and an itchy scalp are arguably one of the most embarrassing hair problems you can have due to the flaking and residue it leaves on your shoulders let alone the irritation and the itching in public. As well as having dandruff, itchy scalp issues can be caused by many skin problems such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema. It can also be caused by simply not rinsing the hair correctly which will leave shampoo residue on the scalp and will cause the scalp to itch. Caring for an itchy scalp Use specialist anti-dandruff shampoos. Ensure you always rinse hair thorooughly at every wash. There are 4 products in this category.My hair is Dry and DamagedMy hair is Dry and DamagedDry and damaged hair treatmentsDry hair and dry scalp, where the hair looks frizzy and breaks often, is caused by an under production of sebum, over styling and over washing. The two main causes for dry hair are: Naturally dry hair : This is genetic and due to the under stimulation of the sebaceous gland causing lack of lubrication and elasticity. Damaged dry hair : Through colouring, straightening, mistreatment, bad products and extreme weather. Naturally Dry Hair This hair problem is caused by the under active production of sebum, which acts to hydrate and keep hair flexible. When the sebum product fails or is diminished it causes hair to lose elasticity to break more easily, develop split ends faster and appear in bad condition. Damaged dry hair Dry hair can also be the result of external factors such as chlorine, wind and rain which all work to dry out the hair and leave it looking less than vibrant! Other factors such as over-washing and over-styling can also contribute to dry hair. If your hair is dry through over colouring, excessive sun exposure or heat damage then simply using a shampoo for dry hair is not enough. It will require an intensive conditioning treatment to rehydrate it. Caring for dry and damaged hair Keep dry hair moisturised and well conditioned with a shampoo for dry hair. Keep hair washing to a minimum unless you are using a shampoo designed for every day use as over-washing can dry the hair and increase the problem further. Use a shampoo formulated to care and protect for dry hair. If your hair is very fine and dry then use a mild shampoo but again, make sure it's designed for dry hair. Use a dry hair conditioner with every wash to add in much needed moisture. Use styling products that are designed for dry or damaged hair as these will add much needed moisture and balance. Use a moisturising hair mask occasionally to rehydrate the hair and leave it well nourished. It is good to use an intensive treatment monthly such as La Biosthetique Lipokerine B shampoo and piviprotein conditioning treatment. Be careful when styling as this hair type can be brittle and break easily, do not tear a comb through it when hair is wet or vigorously towel dry. Do not use very hot styling tools and keep the hairdryer on a lower setting. If you are using styling tools such as straightening irons use a protective spray. Keratin based leave in conditioners are great products for dry hair. There are 15 products in this category.My Hair is coloured or treatedMy Hair is coloured or treated  treatments for coloured hair The best high quality coloured hair products made accessible for you. Millions of people colour their hair every year. It's a great way to update your look, freshen up your style and keep up-to-date with hair trends. People also commonly dye hair to hide those pesky grey strands! Coloured hair deserves special treatment to maintain the vibrancy and depth of the colour for as long as possible and to keep it nourished and in great condition. This will maximise the time between colour treatments and reduce the number of visits to your hairdresser. A shampoo that's designed for colour treated hair will nourish it far better than a cheap shampoo that's designed for normal use. Cheap shampoos can be too harsh and strip the hair of colour which is exactly what's not needed! A coloured hair shampoo will maintain the intensity of the colour and condition of the hair. On the same note, a conditioner for coloured hair will leave it well cared for, helping the colour intensity and tones to last much longer. Another important reason to use a coloured hair shampoo is that with blonde hair the tone is so important and shampoo's and conditioners can be found with cool or warm tones to keep your colour as you like it. The act of colouring hair professionally in a salon will usually leave the hair well conditioned. This is due to the conditioning treatments that are in the professional products that your hairdresser will use during the dyeing process. However it is true to say that if going from dark to blonde hair dye or bleaching can leave hair looking a little dry and dull. This damage can be off-set easily with the use of the correct products, styling care and conditioning treatments. To care for coloured hair Use hair colour products that are specially formulated for coloured hair as these will not strip it of colour and will leave it moisturised and more vibrant. Use coloured hair conditioner to rehydrate it and leave it silky smooth. Condition every time you wash your hair. Be very gentle with how you treat your hair, do not brush it when it's wet as this can cause it to break. It is best to use a comb or better still the Tangle Teezer. Avoid using very hot styling tools which will damage the keratin and leave hair dry and damaged. A hair mask is a great product to keep moisture in the hair and to deeply treat it to prolong the life of the colour. Try to go a day or so between washes so your hair is not constantly being shampooed and stripped of colour, this is especially true for red head colours. There are 15 products in this category.
My hair is thinningMy hair is thinningTreatments for thinning hairThinning hair can be a difficult subject for many men and women to discuss but with the right treatment and if it's caught early enough, thinning and diminished hair can be improved to restore a thicker head of hair. With thinning hair you may find your hair looks diminished and finer which is what makes it look thinner. It is caused by many things such as insufficient root nutrition, unbalanced diet, stress, tight scalp or medication to name a few. Treating Thinning Hair Treating thinning hair really depends on the type of hair thinning that is taking place. It comes under two headings. Genetic Environmental Genetic thinning is harder to treat as it is caused by hormones which cause hair to become weaker. With environmental factors you may be able to identify what's causing the problem and deal with it at that level for example, thinning diminished hair caused by stress, medication or hair thinning caused by excessive sweating can all be treated successfully. To treat thinning hair you need to treat the scalp and increase the nutrients that the hair follicle receives to create a healthy hairshaft and promote hair growth. Think of it like this, if the hair doesn't have a health base (root) from which to grow then it will grow in a weaker state. This can cause the hair to not reach it's full potential and growth causing it to fall out before it needs to, resulting in the appearance of thinning hair. There are many products available which help this condition, from oral supplements specific to hair thinning to scalp products that help. We would recommend a specialist hair product such as La Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Regenerant products for help in this area. With these products it's important to maintain consistent use and allow a minimum of three months before expecting to see great changes. You are after all treating the root of the problem and this needs time to improve and hair needs time to grow in a stronger state. To take care of thinning hair there are several steps you can take: Use a specialist product that will promote healthy hair growth and give the appearance of thicker hair. When applying product massage your scalp to encourage blood flow to nourish the hair follicle and scalp. With thinning hair it can become more delicate so be careful not to cause damage to the hair with rough treatment such as harsh brushing as this will put the hair under stress and cause breakages. Consider switching to a wide toothed comb that will be gentler to the hair. There are 7 products in this category.My hair is Greasy & flatMy hair is Greasy & flatgreasy and oily hair treatmentsIf you have greasy hair products that we offer could be exactly what you need to defeat greasy and oily hair once and for all. Our high quality products offer greasy hair treatments. Before you rush out and buy hair products for greasy hair it's important to determine whether you do indeed have this type of hair or whether you suffer from over active scalp perspiration . Both issues have a look of greasy looking hair but they each need different treatments. greasy hair characteristics and care Greasy hair is caused by the over production of sebum; a waxy substance which occurs naturally in the body to keep hair soft and supple. If you have an over active sebum gland it will result in over production of sebum which will leave a deeper layer on the scalp and hair and can cause the hair to appear greasy. With greasy hair you will normally have hair that is in good condition, looks shiny and hair that is not normally clamped to the scalp. It can also be caused by infrequent washing which will cause products and sebum to build up and present itself as greasy hair. If you suffer from greasy hair but not an oily scalp then you can assume you are using products that are not right for your hair - they may be too harsh or heavy. You could also be using too much product or a conditioner that weighs down the hair. to care for this type of hair Make sure you are using a good quality shampoo that is formulated to be an effective greasy hair treatment. Please be aware that some shampoos for greasy hair are just strong shampoos to clean the hair well, these are not the best. When washing make sure you concentrate on problem areas and do not rub the scalp too vigorously. Go easy on conditioner as this can weigh hair down and add excess product, ensure it's completely rinsed out especially near the scalp. Try to limit styling products that could add weight and grease to the hair. Keep your diet clean too! A diet high in fat, sugar and oils can impact on the quality of your hair and oil production. Do not over-brush your hair as this will stimulate oil production and distribute the oil through the hair which can increase the problem. Do not wash hair in water that's too hot and keep the hairdryer on a cooler setting. over active scalp perspiration With over active scalp perspiration the hair will appear to be lank and within a few hours of washing it will look flat and lifeless, this is especially apparent if you have fine hair. The acids secreted with the sweat also make hair thinner and reduce the quality of the hair leaving it looking dehydrated and frizzy. Active scalp perspiration is a medical disorder (called hyperhidrosis), however scalp perspiration is also encouraged by hot weather, emotion, stress, exercise, foods and medication to mention a few. Along with natural scalp perspiration this can leave the hair damaged, dehydrated and frizzy. The hair very quickly becomes lank and flat to the scalp, looking like it needs washed. To treat active scalp perspiration try switching to a product that is gentle and cleansing and formulated for this particular problem such as Lipokerine A Shampoo and Hydrotoxa lotion which neutralises the sweat acids for less hair damage. to care for this type of hair Use a mild shampoo specifically for over active perspiration, if you use one for greasy hair it will strip the hair which will dehydrate it making it more porous and likely to absorb sweat - making the problem worse. Use a light conditioner designed for over active scalp perspiration as you may well find your hair is a little dry due to the amount of washing it's put through. Do not wash hair in hot water and when drying keep the hairdryer on a cooler setting. There are 5 products in this category.

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