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Hair Problems My hair is Dry and Damaged

Dry and damaged hair treatments

Dry hair and dry scalp, where the hair looks frizzy and breaks often, is caused by an under production of sebum, over styling and over washing.

The two main causes for dry hair are:

  1. Naturally dry hair : This is genetic and due to the under stimulation of the sebaceous gland causing lack of lubrication and elasticity.
  2. Damaged dry hair : Through colouring, straightening, mistreatment, bad products and extreme weather.

Naturally Dry Hair

This hair problem is caused by the under active production of sebum, which acts to hydrate and keep hair flexible. When the sebum product fails or is diminished it causes hair to lose elasticity to break more easily, develop split ends faster and appear in bad condition.

Damaged dry hair

Dry hair can also be the result of external factors such as chlorine, wind and rain which all work to dry out the hair and leave it looking less than vibrant! Other factors such as over-washing and over-styling can also contribute to dry hair.

If your hair is dry through over colouring, excessive sun exposure or heat damage then simply using a shampoo for dry hair is not enough. It will require an intensive conditioning treatment to rehydrate it.

Caring for dry and damaged hair

  • Keep dry hair moisturised and well conditioned with a shampoo for dry hair.
  • Keep hair washing to a minimum unless you are using a shampoo designed for every day use as over-washing can dry the hair and increase the problem further.
  • Use a shampoo formulated to care and protect for dry hair.
  • If your hair is very fine and dry then use a mild shampoo but again, make sure it's designed for dry hair.
  • Use a dry hair conditioner with every wash to add in much needed moisture.
  • Use styling products that are designed for dry or damaged hair as these will add much needed moisture and balance.
  • Use a moisturising hair mask occasionally to rehydrate the hair and leave it well nourished.
  • It is good to use an intensive treatment monthly such as La Biosthetique Lipokerine B shampoo and piviprotein conditioning treatment.
  • Be careful when styling as this hair type can be brittle and break easily, do not tear a comb through it when hair is wet or vigorously towel dry.
  • Do not use very hot styling tools and keep the hairdryer on a lower setting.
  • If you are using styling tools such as straightening irons use a protective spray.
  • Keratin based leave in conditioners are great products for dry hair.

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