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greasy and oily hair treatments

If you have greasy hair products that we offer could be exactly what you need to defeat greasy and oily hair once and for all. Our high quality products offer greasy hair treatments.

Before you rush out and buy hair products for greasy hair it's important to determine whether you do indeed have this type of hair or whether you suffer from over active scalp perspiration . Both issues have a look of greasy looking hair but they each need different treatments.

greasy hair characteristics and care

Greasy hair is caused by the over production of sebum; a waxy substance which occurs naturally in the body to keep hair soft and supple. If you have an over active sebum gland it will result in over production of sebum which will leave a deeper layer on the scalp and hair and can cause the hair to appear greasy.

With greasy hair you will normally have hair that is in good condition, looks shiny and hair that is not normally clamped to the scalp. It can also be caused by infrequent washing which will cause products and sebum to build up and present itself as greasy hair.

If you suffer from greasy hair but not an oily scalp then you can assume you are using products that are not right for your hair - they may be too harsh or heavy. You could also be using too much product or a conditioner that weighs down the hair.

to care for this type of hair

  • Make sure you are using a good quality shampoo that is formulated to be an effective greasy hair treatment. Please be aware that some shampoos for greasy hair are just strong shampoos to clean the hair well, these are not the best.
  • When washing make sure you concentrate on problem areas and do not rub the scalp too vigorously.
  • Go easy on conditioner as this can weigh hair down and add excess product, ensure it's completely rinsed out especially near the scalp.
  • Try to limit styling products that could add weight and grease to the hair.
  • Keep your diet clean too! A diet high in fat, sugar and oils can impact on the quality of your hair and oil production.
  • Do not over-brush your hair as this will stimulate oil production and distribute the oil through the hair which can increase the problem.
  • Do not wash hair in water that's too hot and keep the hairdryer on a cooler setting.

over active scalp perspiration

With over active scalp perspiration the hair will appear to be lank and within a few hours of washing it will look flat and lifeless, this is especially apparent if you have fine hair. The acids secreted with the sweat also make hair thinner and reduce the quality of the hair leaving it looking dehydrated and frizzy.

Active scalp perspiration is a medical disorder (called hyperhidrosis), however scalp perspiration is also encouraged by hot weather, emotion, stress, exercise, foods and medication to mention a few. Along with natural scalp perspiration this can leave the hair damaged, dehydrated and frizzy.

The hair very quickly becomes lank and flat to the scalp, looking like it needs washed.

To treat active scalp perspiration try switching to a product that is gentle and cleansing and formulated for this particular problem such as Lipokerine A Shampoo and Hydrotoxa lotion which neutralises the sweat acids for less hair damage.

to care for this type of hair

  • Use a mild shampoo specifically for over active perspiration, if you use one for greasy hair it will strip the hair which will dehydrate it making it more porous and likely to absorb sweat - making the problem worse.
  • Use a light conditioner designed for over active scalp perspiration as you may well find your hair is a little dry due to the amount of washing it's put through.
  • Do not wash hair in hot water and when drying keep the hairdryer on a cooler setting.

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