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Treatments for thinning hair

Thinning hair can be a difficult subject for many men and women to discuss but with the right treatment and if it's caught early enough, thinning and diminished hair can be improved to restore a thicker head of hair.

With thinning hair you may find your hair looks diminished and finer which is what makes it look thinner. It is caused by many things such as insufficient root nutrition, unbalanced diet, stress, tight scalp or medication to name a few.

Treating Thinning Hair

Treating thinning hair really depends on the type of hair thinning that is taking place. It comes under two headings.

  • Genetic
  • Environmental

Genetic thinning is harder to treat as it is caused by hormones which cause hair to become weaker.

With environmental factors you may be able to identify what's causing the problem and deal with it at that level for example, thinning diminished hair caused by stress, medication or hair thinning caused by excessive sweating can all be treated successfully.

To treat thinning hair you need to treat the scalp and increase the nutrients that the hair follicle receives to create a healthy hairshaft and promote hair growth. Think of it like this, if the hair doesn't have a health base (root) from which to grow then it will grow in a weaker state. This can cause the hair to not reach it's full potential and growth causing it to fall out before it needs to, resulting in the appearance of thinning hair.

There are many products available which help this condition, from oral supplements specific to hair thinning to scalp products that help. We would recommend a specialist hair product such as La Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Regenerant products for help in this area. With these products it's important to maintain consistent use and allow a minimum of three months before expecting to see great changes. You are after all treating the root of the problem and this needs time to improve and hair needs time to grow in a stronger state.

To take care of thinning hair there are several steps you can take:

  • Use a specialist product that will promote healthy hair growth and give the appearance of thicker hair.
  • When applying product massage your scalp to encourage blood flow to nourish the hair follicle and scalp.
  • With thinning hair it can become more delicate so be careful not to cause damage to the hair with rough treatment such as harsh brushing as this will put the hair under stress and cause breakages. Consider switching to a wide toothed comb that will be gentler to the hair.

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DermMatch Hairloss ConcealerDermMatch Hairloss ConcealerOur price: From £30.07ViewDermMatch concealer for hair loss DermMatch is a solid compact hair loss concealer that is easily applied to conceal hair loss problems. It's long lasting and a tub lasts up to 8 months which equates to less than £5 a month to conceal your hair loss and improve your confidence.La Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 250mlLa Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 250mlRRP: £24.75Our price: From £23.26You save: £1.49 (6%)ViewLa Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Anti Hair Loss Shampoo250mlLa Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Regenerant Premium 10 x 10mlLa Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Regenerant Premium 10 x 10mlRRP: £122.50Our price: From £115.15You save: £7.35 (6%)ViewLa Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Regenerant Premium10 x 10ml
La Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Synergie 60 CapsulesLa Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Synergie 60 CapsulesRRP: £40.50Our price: From £38.07You save: £2.43 (6%)ViewBIO-FANELAN SYNERGIE form La Biosthetique - Stimulates hair growth60 CapsulesLa Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Plus 10x10mlLa Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Plus 10x10mlRRP: £107.00Our price: From £100.58You save: £6.42 (6%)ViewLa Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Plus10 x 10mlLa Biosthetique Thickening CreamLa Biosthetique Thickening CreamRRP: £21.25Our price: From £19.97You save: £1.28 (6%)ViewLa Biosthetique Thickening Cream This thickening cream will add visible volume to your hair while giving it strength and a natural bounce. This is an amazing product for anyone who feels their hair needs a little bit of oompf as it's proven to thicken the hair by 10% so even really fine hair will be left loking fantastic.
La Biosthetique Visarome Dynamique RLa Biosthetique Visarome Dynamique RRRP: £36.25Our price: From £34.07You save: £2.18 (6%)ViewLa Biosthetique Visarome Dynamique R - Hair Loss Treatment30ml
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