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La Biosthetique Product Range

La Biosthetique Scalp : Hair CareLa Biosthetique Scalp : Hair CareLa Biosthetique Skin CareLa Biosthetique Skin CareLa Biosthetique Skin Care & Body CareLa Biosthetique is a product range inspired by nature with natural ingredients that are kind and gentle to your skin and body. La Biosthetique skin care products have been developed since 1950 so you can be sure you are buying a tried and tested brand that is clinically tested to do exactly what they claim to. Skin Care & Body Care to help you shine!For consistently great skin you need a skin care brand that is kind and gentle to skin and effective at cleansing, toning and moisturising to keep it clean and well hydrated. It doesn't stop there either. Hands, body and nails all need care and attention if they are to stay moisturised and soft. The La Biosthetique skin care and body care product range has been developed to take care of you from head to toe. At HairCareShop we're massive fans of La Biosthetique and we cannot recommend their hair and body care products enough. We truly believe that once you've tried them for yourself you won't want to go for any other skin or body care product again! Along with the premium, luxury skin care products the range also includes: Hair and scalp products for beautifully cared for hair Hair loss treatments Make-up   There are 7 products in this category.La Biosthetique Male GroomingLa Biosthetique Male GroomingLa Biosthetique Male Grooming ProductsLa Biosthetique have some great male skin care products as well as deodorants and shaving gel to help you look your best. To keep your skin looking great you need the best moisturising products. La Biosthetique for men offers all the nutrients you need to keep your skin looking healthy and young.There are 5 products in this category.
La Biosthetique Methode Soleil - Sun CareLa Biosthetique Methode Soleil - Sun CareLa Biosthetique Methode Soleil - Sun CareLa Biosthetique Methode Soleil is a sun hair care range which protects the skin and hair before, during and after sun exposure. Your hair is just as susceptible to sun damage as your skin so this range has been developed to help protect the scalp, hair and skin from days spent in the sun.La Biosthetique Natural Cosmetic HairLa Biosthetique Natural Cosmetic HairLa Biosthetique Natural Cosmetic HairQuality natural organic hair care products from La Biosthetique Let your natural beauty shine through with one of the best natural cosmetics brands available, from the laboratories of La Biosthetique. La Biosthetique has done it again with a fantastic range of natural cosmetics made from the highest quality ingredients from certified organic cultivation. Each product contains a high percentage of ingredients from natural origins, ingredients such as soybean, jojoba oil and wheat to name a few. This product range is ideal for anyone who is ecologically aware and wishes to use natural cosmetic brands that are as natural as possible and support organic farming. These are luxurious professional products but don’t conflict with your ethics so you can still have access to amazing organic and natural products without compromising on luxury. Each of these products are beautifully packaged in earth colours to reflect the natural, organic ingredients and ethos. All of the La Biosthetique Natural Cosmetic Hair products bear the ECOCERT quality seal which is an independent institute for testing and certification of natural hair products. All of the Natural Cosmetics are: Free from Silicones and Parabens Free from Synthetic Colourants and Perfumes Free from Paraffin Oils Professional quality There are 3 products in this category.La Biosthetique Style and FinishLa Biosthetique Style and FinishLa Biosthetics Style and Finish Products The Biosthetics Style line of products offers everything you'll ever need to create and maintain a beautiful hair style. This styling range includes cremes to protect hair from the environment in your daily life. Using the wrong kind of products will make it difficult to maintain your new hair style but the Biosthetics range of style and finish products will help you to keep your favourite look for longer while benefiting the health of your hair. Styling and finishing has never been so easy.There are 2 products in this category.
Christmas GiftsChristmas Gifts FREE DELIVERY AND 5% OFF FROM THUS 24TH NOV - MON 28TH NOV USING CODE CHRISTMASCRACKERSThere are 14 products in this category.La Biosthetique Make UpLa Biosthetique Make UpThere is 1 product in this category.La Biosthetique Edition De LuxeLa Biosthetique Edition De LuxeLa Biosthetique Edition De LuxeEdition De Luxe is an exciting range from La Biosthetique for hair and body care. This is a luxury range using such ingredients as pure silk peptides, champagne extract. These are combined with active ingredients from Chinese medicine which give your hair and body a fantastic pampering and leave it feeling a million dollars! Edition De Luxe is a soft and gentle body and hair care range that improves vitality, elasticity and unique resistance in the hair and gives glow, protection and visibly younger look for the skin. This range uses a Nobel Prize winning cell system to rejuvenate the skin and deeply penetrate the layers to maximise the skin renewing process. Skin proteins and collagen building blocks are renewed and increased which is what rejuvenates the skin and reduces the signs of ageing. Edition De Luxe day and night cream have been proven to help skin look up to six years younger in just 4 weeks of regular use and who'd really say no to looking 6 years younger! We absolutely love Edition De Luxe and particularly love the night cream because there's nothing better than waking up with beautifully soft skin to start the day.There are 6 products in this category.
Botanique - VeganBotanique - VeganLa Biosthetique Botanique Vegan Hair and Skin Care Range GentleThe calming effect of plantsThe Gentle version of Botaniqueis all about mild and gentle cleansing. It also represents the calling effect of key ingredients to give you a gentle care regime. Gentle ingredients such as lavender, oats, ginko and rose geranium all give a wonderfully calming scent and experience.There are 4 products in this category. BalancingThere are 3 products in this category. IntenseThere are 4 products in this category. Botanique is an amazing new vegan and Halal range from La Biosthetique. This range is 100% certified natural and is completely free from animal products, parabens, mineral oils, sulphates, alcohol and silicon. All scents are completely natural and an absolute joy to use on your skin. This range is split into three areas so you can tailor your routine for your skin type and needs. Gentle To give gentle and mild care using ingredients such as ginko and lavender. Balancing Free from perfumes the balancing range is especially gentle for your skin and hair. Using ingredients such as ginseng and jojoba. Intense This will inject some energy into your skin and hair care routine with energizing ingredients such as mint and lemon to lift and revive. "Whenever possible, we prefer natural active ingredients. We are convinced that effect principles that adjust themselves to the nature of hair and skin achieve the best results in the long term. Our goal was to use the power of plants to create our own range. We were inspired by millennia of phytotherapy (herbal medicine). We applied this basic idea to cosmetics in the form of Botanique Pure Nature. Our plant active ingredients are rated according to their effect and intensity." Dr Christian Ader, Head of Research, Development and Production Learn more straight from La Biosthetique

La Biosthetique Haircare Products

La Biosthetique have been making luxury hair care products since the 1950s. Based in Paris France, the company produces premium quality hair and beauty products using natural ingredients. The company philosophy is based on combining aesthetics with precision and peak performance that runs through all of their product ranges.

La Biosthetique products provide a tailored hair care system just for you using natural ingredients which are scientifically proven to do what they claim. At the HairCareShop we have a very long history of using these products and we firmly believe they are one of the best and modern hair care ranges available. As a legitimate La Biosthetique UK stockist we can offer hair care advice so you can choose the most suitable products for your hair type and style.

In our La Biosthetique online shop we stock a wide range of products covering everything from shampoos and conditioners to skincare and hair loss. You can buy these products right here on our online store for fast and secure delivery.

most popular la biosthetique products

La Biosthetique shampoo is extremely effective at providing your hair with all of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and beautiful. La Biosthetique is a complete hair care solution covering a range of common issues including sensitive scalps, frizzy, oily, dry, curly and long hair, and dandruff and colour protection. We use these products in our hair salon regularly and can advise on the best option for you.

luxury skin care

The brand also apply their knowledge to luxury skin care products such as Dermosthetique and a complete range of anti-ageing skin care. The Methode anti age range are some of the best products available for helping to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

male grooming products

For men who like to look their best we have the La Biosthetique male grooming range which includes moisturising, shaving and deodorant products.

la Biosthetique make up

The latest addition to our store is La Biosthetique make up which is an ethically created, and luxurious make up range.

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