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Energisante Product RangeEnergisante Product RangeThe La Biosthetique Energisante hair care range has been developed to protect the scalp and to energise the hair with the nutrients that it needs.There are 3 products in this category.La Biosthetique Anti FrizzLa Biosthetique Anti FrizzBanish frizzy hair with some of the best anti frizz shampoos and serums available from La Biosthetique. La Biosthetique anti frizz hair products work to balance the moisture of the hair to help it defend against external environmental influences that can work together to create frizz. With our La Biosthetique anti frizz products your hair will be easier to manage, bouncy, lively and looking great. There are 4 products in this category.La Biosthetique - Styling and FinishingLa Biosthetique - Styling and FinishingA range of styling and finishing products from luxury hair products company La Biosthetique. Pilviform is an all round care lotion for hair and scalp packed with essential oils.There is 1 product in this category.
La Biosthetique Protection Colour Care for Coloured HairLa Biosthetique Protection Colour Care for Coloured HairLa Biosthetique Protection Colour Care for Coloured Hair This coloured hair range is a fantastic addition from La Biosthetique to care and protect brunette coloured hair. Brunette hair is a wonderful hair colour that's full of character and tones. There are many shades of brunette from chestnut to chocolate to mahogany, there's a shade to suit everyone. Hair that has been given the brunette treatment looks amazingly glossy and full but without proper care these tones can fade leaving hair looking dull and lifeless. To extend the lifespan of your coloured hair and to give it back its vibrancy you need to use a specially formulated range of coloured hair treatments that will care for your hair in the correct way. Why use specially formulated coloured hair products?Coloured hair will lose it's shine through a variety of factors. Over brushing, blow drying and UV light are prime examples of ways coloured hair will begin to dull. Using a shampoo that isn't designed to care for coloured hair will mean your hair isn't getting the care and attention it needs. You may end up colouring your hair again before you need to which is extra expense, time and effort. To lock colour in, keep hair moisturised and prolong the length of your colour treatment you need to use a range of coloured hair products that will meet the needs of your specific hair colour. La Biosthetique has developed a colour care range that is designed to care for the needs of brunette hair.There are 14 products in this category.Normalisante - Oily Scalp and HairNormalisante - Oily Scalp and HairThe Normalisante range of hair products have been developed to combat oily scalps and hair. Oily hair occurs when there is too much sweat produced by the scalp which can cause the hair to appear limp. Methode Normalisante from La Biosthetique works to regulate and restore the optimum balance of the scalp giving you healthy beautiful looking hair.There are 6 products in this category.Pellicules - DandruffPellicules - DandruffDandruff can be a hassle to get rid of if you’re not using a good anti dandruff shampoo. Dandruff occurs when patches of dead skin form on the surface of the scalp. La Biosthetique Pellicules has been created to visibly reduce dandruff by normalising the scalp. Pellicules works to improve the natural resistance of the scalp to help keep your hair dandruff free. Pellicules is a highly recommended dandruff shampoo and is in stock for you to buy online today.There are 7 products in this category.
Regenerate - Hair LossRegenerate - Hair LossLa Biosthetique Regenerate to help you grow new hair. There are lots of things which can cause hair loss to occur including illness, stress, hormonal fluctuation or nutrition to name a few. Whatever the cause of hair loss there are products available to help you in growing new hair. The Regenerate range from La Biosthetique has been developed to provide your hair with all of the nutrients that it needs for healthy growth, a positive energy boost and optimum support. 1.The growth impulse is heightened 2.The energy level of cells is increased 3.The hair's active growth phase is positively influenced 4.The hair roots supply of nutrients is improved The success of METHODE REGENERANTE is based on the innovative Complexe Regenerant formula, which redresses the ratio between dead hair and actively growing hair by over 100%* in favour of the growing hair. There are 7 products in this category.Sensitive - Hair and ScalpSensitive - Hair and ScalpSensitive hair can be caused by many factors such as stress or pollution and will often leave the head itchy and dry. The scalp could also become painful to the touch. La Biosthetique specialise in creating hair products that can give your hair and scalp the nutrients and care that they need. We have La Bisothetique sensitive scalp shampoo in stock for you to buy online today.There are 4 products in this category.Stabilisante - Fine and Fragile HairStabilisante - Fine and Fragile HairFine hair needs a special type of shampoo to ensure that it doesn’t get oily and limp. With fine hair it is the individual strands that are fine so a shampoo is needed that will give the hair what it needs. La Biosthetique stabilisante is a fine hair shampoo range that will help to care for the hair and give it the nutrients it needs.There are 5 products in this category.
Structure - Care for the HairStructure - Care for the HairThere are 6 products in this category.Vitalisante - Dry HairVitalisante - Dry Hair La Biosthetique Vitalisante - Dry Hair Treatment The Vitalisante range has been designed to care for dry hair and scalp. The products work by providing nutrients that normalise and revitalise the scalp to give you healthy great looking hair. Dry hair and scalp are commonly brought about due to the production of too much sebum from the sebaceous glands. This imbalance in the scalp can cause it to feel tight and for the hair to lose elasticity. Methode Vitalisante from La Biosthetique is a dry hair shampoo that normalises the scalp to restore healthy hair. There are 5 products in this category.La Biosthetique Long Hair CareLa Biosthetique Long Hair CareThere are 8 products in this category.
La Biosthetique Care for Curly HairLa Biosthetique Care for Curly HairThere are 5 products in this category.La Biosthetique Glam Color Refresher ConditionerLa Biosthetique Glam Color Refresher Conditioner La Biosthetique Glam colour is a conditioner which colours and conditions the hair in an innovative way. It is a colour shampoo which cares for coloured hair and leaves it well nourished and in great condition while optimising the colour of your hair for longer. There is 1 product in this category.La Biosthetique Style Fine HairLa Biosthetique Style Fine HairThere are 3 products in this category.
Dermosthetique Anti-Pellicure (Anti-Dandruff)Dermosthetique Anti-Pellicure (Anti-Dandruff)There are 4 products in this category.La Biosthetique Dermosthetique for HairLa Biosthetique Dermosthetique for HairThe Dermosthetique cell active anti ageing hair care treatments uses the power of the bodys own cell activity to increase the healthiness of the scalp and hair. The Dermosthetique hair range uses biomimetic formulations to improve the body's ability to regenerate cells.There are 5 products in this category.

La Biosthetique Hair and Scalp Care Products

At the HairCareShop we stock a great range of La Biosthetique scalp shampoos and conditioners such as La Biosthetique Energisante Shampoo and Energisante Conditioner, as well as many other great La Biosthetique products. The health of your scalp is hugely important to the quality of your hair. Dry scalp shampoo can have a great impact on restoring and maintaining the health of your hair and our stock of La Biosthtique scalp and haircare products offer nourishment and protection.

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