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The Normalisante range of hair products have been developed to combat oily scalps and hair. Oily hair occurs when there is too much sweat produced by the scalp which can cause the hair to appear limp. Methode Normalisante from La Biosthetique works to regulate and restore the optimum balance of the scalp giving you healthy beautiful looking hair.

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La Biosthetique Ergines ALa Biosthetique Ergines ARRP: £24.50Our price: From £23.03You save: £1.47 (6%)ViewErgines A from La Biosthetique is a shampoo which helps to treat oily scalps. It will work to calm down the environment of the scalp leading to better conditions allowing your hair to thrive. We have this La Biosthetique product in stock for you to buy online today. La Biosthetique Hydrotoxa LotionLa Biosthetique Hydrotoxa LotionRRP: £20.50Our price: From £19.27You save: £1.23 (6%)View100mlLa Biosthetique Hydrotoxa ShampooLa Biosthetique Hydrotoxa ShampooRRP: £20.25Our price: From £19.03You save: £1.22 (6%)ViewLa Biosthetique Hydrotoxa Shampoo 250ml
La Biosthetique Lipokerine A ShampooLa Biosthetique Lipokerine A ShampooRRP: £20.25Our price: From £19.03You save: £1.22 (6%)ViewLipokerine A Especially developed for oily scalp, this shampoo cleanses with plant-based lipoamino acids and sugar surfactants. Calming and sebum-regulating properties ensure the targeted normalisation of the scalp environment.La Biosthetique Lotion Desincrustante - Pre Cleanse LotionLa Biosthetique Lotion Desincrustante - Pre Cleanse LotionRRP: £26.00Our price: From £24.44You save: £1.56 (6%)ViewDesincrustant is a pre cleansing lotion for oily skin with abnormal hornifications and blocked pores. La Biosthetique Visarome Dynamique NLa Biosthetique Visarome Dynamique NRRP: £31.50Our price: From £29.61You save: £1.89 (6%)ViewDynamique N intensively soothes the scalp. A dynamically effective blend of essential oils has an astringent, antiseptic effect and regulates skin circulation calming down the secretion of oil from the sebaceous and sweat glands, which in turn reduces the oil in the hair. The nutritional balanced scalp becomes cleaner and clearer.
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