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Big Sexy Hair What A Tease

Big Sexy Hair What A Tease
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Big Sexy Hair - What A Tease


If you want a little lift for your hair and a slight voluminous look for your hair then DON'T use this product.

However if your want seriously big hair enough to make even the most perfect 'haired' amongst us jealous then snap this up straight away. This product is your dream come true - effortless, long lasting, volumised hair.

Big hair is in right now and it looks as though it is a trend that is here to stay - usually to achieve big hair or a hairstyle with more than a little height you would have to commit time to back combing (teasing) your hair. This can be damaging to your hair and prolonged use of this technique will result in your hair becoming weak and susceptible to split ends and frizz. Remove this risk with What a Tease which does the job of back combing in one compact bottle.

Spray this product onto the roots of your hair hair gently work in and smooth your hair in to shape or for extra oomph spray sparingly onto the roots if your hair and very gently back comb for skyscraper height that will last all night!

  • eliminates the need for traditional back combing
  • cuts the time it takes to style your hair in half
  • gives unbeatable volume and lift
  • long lasting formula that holds your style in place all day

To use Big Sexy Hair - What a Tease

To use apply sparingly to the roots of your hair and work in to create fabulous lift or spray onto roots and gently back comb for ultra volumised amplified hair!

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