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Full Milkshake Range

Full Milkshake Range
Full Milkshake RangeFull Milkshake RangeFull Milkshake RangeFull Milkshake RangeFull Milkshake RangeFull Milkshake RangeFull Milkshake RangeFull Milkshake RangeFull Milkshake RangeFull Milkshake RangeFull Milkshake RangeFull Milkshake RangeFull Milkshake RangeFull Milkshake RangeFull Milkshake RangeFull Milkshake Range
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milk_shake colour maintainer shampoo 300ml

To use this product you should lather it into damp hair, leave to work then rinse out.

milk_shake daily shampoo 300ml

Daily shampoo that uses milk and fruit ingredients to gently cleanse normal to dehydrated hair. This is a non-fat shampoo and will help your hair retain its daily moisture. This luxury natural hair product enriched with silk and vitamin derivatives leaves hair vibrant and resilient all while ensuring great shine and condition. The milk_shake brand of hair products is renowned for luxury hair care that will keep your hair strong and healthy.

milk_shake conditioning whipped cream

Milk_shakes’ Conditioning Whipped Cream is a superb product from the Italian hair care experts You can use this product to condition and hydrate your hair to help leave it soft and shiny while nourishing it at the same time. All of the milk_shakes’ range of products are developed using natural milk protein derivatives.

milk_shake Leave in Conditioner

Conditioner that delivers fantastic condition while protecting coloured as well as dry and damaged hair. This conditioner works by providing internal hydroponic balance while protecting the hair shaft. It has been specially formulated through the use of milk proteins together with avocado and rice oils.

milk_shake repairing hair treatment

Perfect for people with chemically treated hair. If you have had your hair permed, bleached or treated then it could be damaged. That damage could be helped through application of the milk_shake repairing kit. It contains milk_shake Integrity 41 to guarantee long lasting hair colour. This hair treatment collection will provide your hair with strength, shine, and nourishment. The milk_Shake hair care range comes from Italian hair experts and is enriched with proteins derived from Milk as well as fruit extracts.

Milk_shake colour maintainer conditioner

Milkshake have developed this conditioner to maintain the colour of your hair while ensuring moisture balance and vibrancy. This product uses the Integrity 41 system which works to restore the hairs’ natural balance. Milk_shake products are all developed with natural ingredients and natural hair balance in mind.

To use this conditioning product simply apply to wet hair after washing with MilkShake shampoo. This conditioner will leave your hair with a sweet flower fragrance.

Milkshake curl passion mask

The MilkShake curly hair mask has been developed to specially care for curly hair and to provide moisture and perfectly conditioned hair. This product contains vitamin E enriched Shea Butter which protects the hair from the harmful effects of the sun.

To use this product simply apply to clean damp hair, then leave in the hair for 3 – 5 minutes.

Milkshake curl passion shampoo

Milkshake curl passion shampoo has been developed to hydrate, nourish and condition curly hair while eliminating frizz. This shampoo is made from natural sugars which have been derived from coconut oil and fruit extracts. It also contains Hygroscopic ingredients which work to improve the storage of water on the scalp to improve hydration.

Milkshake curl passion designer

MilkShake curl passion designer shampoo is a great product for keeping your curls under control. This shampoo works through polymers which mould and condition the hair to leave curls without frizz while making your hair shiny and conditioned.

This MilkShake product has been formulated with vitamins and fruit extracts including peach, apple and grapefruit. The hydration effect from MilkShake products makes sure that your curls remain hydrated, soft and shiny. This MilkShake shampoo is in stock and available to buy online today for fast secure delivery.

Milkshake active milk mask 200ml

This MilkShake active restructuring milk mask has been developed to nourish dry hair while strengthening at the same time. This product is from the MilkShake range which uses milk and yoghurt proteins which bind to the structure of the hair helping it to remain strong and healthy.

It is enriched with Vitamin E, avocado, honey, rice oils and fruit. This product also includes MilkShakes’ Integrity 41 which will keep coloured hair stronger for longer. This hair mask is in stock for you to buy online today.

Milkshake Active Yogurt Hair Mask

This is an active yogurt mask which provides rich conditioning to nourish normal and dry hair as well as hair that’s been treated with colour. This product uses yogurt amino acids and Vitamin E to nourish and strengthen your hair.

Apply this product and leave to work for five minutes for deeply conditioned hair that is shiny and soft. This MilkShake yogurt mask is available to buy online today for fast home delivery.

Milkshake glistening milk 100ml

This glistening milk has been developed by the luxury hair care brand MilkShake and uses milk proteins to provide shine and hydration all while removing frizz. This product will also provide your hair with protection from any potential heat damage which could occur during the styling of your hair. This glistening milk is enhanced with antioxidants to preserve your colour while also providing manageability and moisture balance.

This product is easy to use. Simply apply to either dry or damp hair. In stock to buy online today.

Milkshake glistening serum 75ml

This hair serum will get rid of frizz both before and after styling while also giving your hair heat protection from hair straighteners. It is a luxury hair serum from the fantastic MilkShake range and keeps hair hydrated and manageable by smoothing the hair cuticles while adding shine.

To use this product simply apply to damp or dry hair. This MilkShake serum is in stock to buy today for fast delivery and comes in a 75ml size.

Milkshake glistening spray 100ml

This hair spray will add instant shine to your hair by eliminating static that causes frizz and makes hair hard to manage. This spray will also keep your hair smooth and soft while giving it a beautiful shine. MilkShake are a luxury hair care brand and have created a fantastic finishing spray to complete your look. It works by keeping hair hydrated for extra smoothness and shine and includes abysinnian oils and date seed extract.

To use this product spray in a mist at least 20cm away from hair for a great finish.

Milkshake glistening treatment 200ml

Italian hair specialists concepts have created the MilkShake luxury hair product line. This product will give your hair the full glistening treatment. It is fast acting, eliminates frizz, hydrates and leaves your hair looking fantastic.

It includes antioxidants to condition and hydrate the hair to leave it soft, manageable and shiny. It will also help coloured hair to keep its vibrancy. Spray over washed hair, leave to work then rinse out.

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