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La Biosthetique Visarome Atone Stimulating Effect

La Biosthetique Visarome Atone Stimulating Effect for Lethargic Weary Skin
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  • Concentrate with Essential Oils, Especially designed to Vitalise the Skin
  • Stimulating Effect for Lethargic Weary Skin
  • Acts as a stimulant and brightens the skin, stimulates the circulation and metabolism.
  • Resolves accumulations and refreshes tired skin
  • Tissue strengthening
  • Skin tone strengthening
  • Brings about a clear, fresh complexion
  • Highly effective, quick and with a particularly pleasant application
  • Natural active plant substances distilled from medicinal flowers, leaves, seeds and fruits
  • Optimum completion of the daily skin regime
  • Economical, easy application

To use La Biosthetique Visarome Atone:

La Biosthetique Visarome Atone stimulates the circulation,
kick-starts the metabolism and helps to provide a clear, fresh complexion. Getting the right blend is key. Simply run a little lukewarm water into your washbasin, add 3 or 4 drops and use to moisten the face first thing in the morning and then you are set for the day ahead.


  • Mix 2 drops of Visarome Atone with 50ml of water and add to a spray
  • Spray onto face every morning
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