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Crème Protectrice

Crème Protectrice
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Crème Protectrice Hand Cream




Hands and nails can suffer from dehydration too and need a good treatment to keep them protected and soft. Creme Protectrice was specially formulated to care for dry and damaged hands, particularly extremely rough and chapped skin. It provides intensive hydration and locks in moisture.


The active ingredient in this products is very special indeed, it reacts to what's needed in your own skin. The hydrophilic part of the phospholipid is turned outwards. When there is low humidity, the lipophilic part of the phospholipid remains on the surface to strengthen the barrier layer. This ensures the skin is always ideally supplied with moisture.


This hand cream is non oily so it is absorbed quickly and skin is left feeling well treated, moisturised and cared for.


We recommend this product to anyone who has to regularly come in contact with skin irritants, water or routinely wear protective gloves. Give it a try and see how it improves your hands.

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