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Crème de Luxe Nuit

Crème de Luxe Nuit
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La Biosthetique Crème de Luxe Nuit

Crème de Luxe Nuit is a rich anti ageing night cream which tightens, smoothes and rejuvenates demanding skin all while you sleep. Think 1950's glamour and having the pamper of a spa-like night cream ritual before bed, what could be more decadent?!

Skin begins to rejuvenate itself overnight so it's the ideal time to apply a deeply penetrating skin cream. To quote La Biosthetique:

"Crème de Luxe Nuit contains a fivefold active lipid synthesis complex to target the skin’s specific biorhythm at night."

La biosthetique use only the finest ingredients to increase elasticity, restore softness, protect from UV damage and flush out toxins.

Crème de Luxe Nuit is am amazing night cream and one that sees you waking up in the morning feeling amazing - we think you'll love it.


  • Phytohormones from the Iris Florentina root: Wurze protects against dehydration and strenghtens the skin.
  • Fivefold active lipid synthesis complex from Cistus Incanus (rock rose) and Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Extract (jiaogulan), DNA and UVA protection from red and brown algaeto protect from sun damage and environmental factors
  • Hibiscus extract to protect against the signs of time
  • Lupin seed extract soothes inflammations and stimulates collagen synthesis
  • Ceramides helps reduce water loss
  • Phytosterols (Brassica Campestris Sterole) calms sensitive skin

Using Crème de Luxe Nuit

  • Apply each evening over Sérum de Luxeafter cleansing


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