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Everyone needs a pamper now and again but it can be hard to fit it in or to give yourself the chance to have some 'me time' that leaves you feeling like you've just stepped out of a spa. That's where La Biosthetique has stepped forward to bring you a gorgeous range of spa treatments to use at home to fully pamper your body and senses.

The new La Biosthetique Spa range includes active ingredients such as milk and yoghurt which makes use of their prebiotic properties to leave skin silky smooth and fantastically healthy. The skin's own natural defences are prompted into action as it's protective functions are mobilised.

This Spa range is perfect for sensitive skin as it calms and strengthens the barrier function that may otherwise irritate sensitive skin.

The La Biosthetique Spa range consists of four products that offer complete care for your skin leaving it cleansed, soft, and beautifully radiant.

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La Biosthetique Citromycine Hand Cream 50mlLa Biosthetique Citromycine Hand Cream 50mlRRP: £22.75Our price: From £21.38You save: £1.37 (6%)ViewLa Biosthetique Perfection Corps Citromycine Hand Cream 50mlLa Biosthetique Fanex for Nail CareLa Biosthetique Fanex for Nail CareRRP: £33.00Our price: From £31.02You save: £1.98 (6%)ViewLa Biosthetique Fanex Nail Care Oil15mlLa Biosthetique Le Savon Spa 50gLa Biosthetique Le Savon Spa 50gOur price: From £6.58ViewLe Savon 50g
La Biosthetique Spa Le BainLa Biosthetique Spa Le BainRRP: £17.25Our price: From £16.21You save: £1.04 (6%)ViewIf you're looking for a refreshing and moisturising shower gel and shampoo then look no further than Le Bain from La Biosthetique. Active ingredients of milk and yoghurt help to improve the skin's moisture binding properties and keep skin hydrated and soft during showering. La Biosthetique Spa Le HuilleLa Biosthetique Spa Le HuilleRRP: £21.25Our price: From £19.97You save: £1.28 (6%)ViewLa Biosthetique Spa Le Huille 100mlNothing says spa treatment like a massage so La Biosthetique have created this intensive body care and massage oil that works to care for and repair your skin to leave it intensively conditioned and hydrated.La Biosthetique Spa Le LaitLa Biosthetique Spa Le LaitRRP: £21.50Our price: From £20.21You save: £1.29 (6%)ViewLa Biosthetique Spa Le Lait250ml
La Biosthetique Spa Le PeelingLa Biosthetique Spa Le PeelingRRP: £25.25Our price: From £23.73You save: £1.52 (6%)ViewLa Biosthetique Spa Le Peeling, Spa Le Peeling shower gel for exfoliation. 250mlLa Crème Intense Pour Les PiedsLa Crème Intense Pour Les PiedsOur price: £15.25ViewLa Crème Intense Pour Les Pieds75mlLe Deodorant IntensifLe Deodorant IntensifOur price: £26.50ViewLe Deodorant Intensif by La Biosthetique75mlNot all deodorants are equal and Le Deodorant Intensif is by far one of the more superior deodorants out there. This deodorant has been developed to give you hours of fresh feeling with perspiration control while leaving you feeling confident with a unique scent.This product is fast drying to you can get dressed directly after application.The scent was developed by star perfumier Geza Schön, it is unisex so there's no one it's not suitable for. It is designed to stimulate the senses to harmonise the body. True to the rest of the spa range, this has scents of lime, basil, lemon grass, pink pepper, vanilla and cedar. Sounds devine!To use Le Deodorant Intensif Apply evenly to the underarms. Close properly after use to avoid drying out. Enjoy that fresh feeling! Please note: Do not apply to irritated skin.
Spa Le Sel de BainSpa Le Sel de BainOur price: £10.75ViewLe Sel de Bain50g
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