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La Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Regenerant Premium 10 x 10ml

La Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Regenerant Premium 10 x 10ml
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La Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Regenerant Premium

10 x 10ml

Intensive Anti Hair Loss Treatment - with regenerative results

Are you suffering from hereditary , patchy or temporary hair loss? Then you need La Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Premium. It is clinically proven to reduce hair loss by more than 33% after just two months treatment.

Hair loss can be triggered by many different factors including genetic predisposition, sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone, premature aging of the hair follicle, poor circulation, scalp disorders, nutritional deficits, medication and stress. La Biosthetique Bio Fanelan Regenerant Premium can help.

The Complexe regenerant inhibits the formation of dihydrotestosterone and creates a lasting improvement in the anagen/telegen ratio. This results in stronger hair folicles (+146%). It also actively promotes the hair's natural protect and repair mechanisms increasing them by up to 189%, which leads to the slowing of the potentially damaging effect of aging in the hair follicle. Hair growth can increase by 121%.

La Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Premium reduces temporary, patchy and androgenic hair loss and the energy output of the hair forming cells is improved consequently so is the quality, stability and body of the hair.

You will receive 10 (10ml) ampules of La Biosthetique Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Premium.

How To Apply

Cleanse hair and scalp.

Apply the product by parting the hair and applying the ampule, before blow-drying lightly and massaging it in with fingertips. Alternatively let product absorb for 10 minutes.

Apply the contents of one ampule every second day. La Biosthetique & HairCareShop recommend that you do this over the course of four months. To combat a predisposition to hereditary hair loss apply 1-2 ampules a week over the course of 6 weeks. To support and activate hair growth, perform a Bio Fanelan treatment once or twice a year.

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